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Category: Hospitality.
Client: 3e Entertainment.
Location: Stockholm, Sweden.
Partner: Dinell Johansson & Control Dept.
Photographer: Åke E:son Lindman.
Project completion: 2021.

From the late 1700s until the 1970s Hasselbacken was considered one of the big hubs for entertainment and cultural life in Stockholm. The large light portal from the 1930s which marks the entrance to Hasselbacken, was an iconic structure which many identified with this glamorous era.

The structure which originally was built in wood was restored in metal during early 2021 to ensure that it would last for a long time. Dinell Johansson led the restoration of the portal and Paloma was asked to recreate the feel of the classic light bulbs using modern LED technique. The result is a custom solution using a LED pixel system in which we have combined a textured prism inside a clear plastic bulb. The combination of the two creates that warm, sparkly glow usually seen in old light bulbs.

On a normal basis the portal is using warm, white light but has the possibility of colour changing for special occasions, for example pride week or other public events.

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