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Category: Exterior.
Client: Västerås stad & Svenska kyrkan.
Location: Västerås .
Photographer: Linda Eliasson.
Project completion: 2021.

Kyrkbacken is an area of central Västerås with a heritage from the 17th century. Here, winding cobbled streets are mixed with beautiful ancient buildings and the city's cathedral. In 2016, we were commissioned to develop an overall lighting program for this entire historic district in order to highlight the historic environment but also increase the value of the entire site by making it safer and more accessible to the city's residents.

The lighting program included the Cathedral with surrounding courtyards and squares, the city library with direct surroundings, two cobblestone streets as well as walkways and schoolyards.These areas would be implemented in stages over the next 5 years. Most stages of the project have now been completed and only a few parts remain to be installed. The result was a safe and beautiful environment that matches the age of the area. The facade lighting is discreet and carefully fine tuned to make the buildings visible in the surrounding environment without distorting or disguising its architecture or heritage.

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