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Category: Corporate.
Client: Precis Digital AB.
Location: Stockholm, Sweden.
Partner: Elin Was Here..
Photographer: Mikael Lundblad..
Project completion: 2022.

During early 2022 Precis Digital acquired an additional 550sqm in the same building as their existing office in Stockholm. Thanks to our previous successful collaboration with Precis Digital och Elin Was Here we were asked to take on this new space. The purpose of this new addition was to create a multifunctional space that would cater for collaborative work, events, video production and additional desk space. The concept is a development of the existing concept to allow the users to find a common red thread throughout the offices but it also has some new twists. The lighting is created to enhance the architecture of the building with discrete indirect light in the ceiling that gives the functional lighting across the space. This in combination with extra warm och detailed decorative lighting as well as lighting integrated in furniture and built elements create a warm and intimate space that feels taken care of.

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