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Category: Public Art.
Client: Nobel week light.
Location: Stockholm, Sweden.
Partner: Rebel light, Mora Mast, Byggwalle.
Photographer: Per Kristiansen.
Project completion: 2020.

During the inaugural edition of Nobel week lights we were asked to create a lighting installation on the courtyard of Stockholm Stadsmuseeum. We wanted to create an experience that makes the physics behind light visible and plays with the idea of the perception of light. It tells a story of its close relationship with reflection and materia. The artwork is analog and exactly what it “is'' is based on the spectator's own interpretation.

The artwork varies in intensity depending on the surrounding light levels. During daytime, the installation will be barely visible, like a transparent, diffuse cloud that moves discreetly with the wind. At night time, the installation will transform into a colorful nebulosa. It's a creation that varies in colour without using traditionally coloured light.

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