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Category: Public Art.
Client: Nobel Week Lights.
Location: Blasieholmen, Stockholm.
Partner: Control Dept, Stockholm Lighting & Vintertjusan.
Photographer: Åke E:son Lindman.
Project completion: 2021.

See Colour is our contribution to Nobel Week Lights 2021. The installation is a colourful, interactive sculpture that arouses curiosity about colour vision and the physics of light. Using only white light (both natural and artificial) in combination with clear plexiglass and only two types of dichroic film, the sculpture reflects and lets through a wide array of colours and shades depending on the angle at which the light hits the material.

The plexiglass is placed in a certain way which creates rooms that the visitors can move through. The installation is ever changing depending on what angle you’re viewing it from. The artificial light is set to a slow moving loop that together with a specially created sound, creates a symphony of colours and reflections.

Interactivity is created by the giant reflector placed at each end of the installation. This reflector is rotatable with a narrow beam spotlight directed towards it. By spinning the reflector, visitors can control the reflection and see the effects of the changing light in the sculpture.

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