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Category: Public Art.
Client: Nacka Municipality.
Location: Fisksätra, Sweden.
Photographer: Åke E:son Lindman.
Project completion: 2021.

The Light Act is an artwork which explores the relationship between materiality and light and the interchanging relationship between the two throughout the day. The artwork was executed as part of an effort to make the footbridge between Fisksätra and Saltsjöbaden feel more secure at night time. The idea was to create a destination rather than a passage, something that catches the bypassers attention and makes them want to stop and reflect.

During daylight hours the surrounding foliage is reflected in the mirrors and the incoming sunlight creates interesting reflections that gently move when the wind catches the mirrors. Depending on which angle you’re viewing the artwork, the motif will always be different.

During night time, the daylight is replaced by artificial light which hits the mirrors and creates stunning reflections on the roof of the footpath. The usually grey and brutalistic bridge becomes a glimmering jewel in the midst of the foliage and against the backdrop of dark sky.

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